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MobileBattery | Warranty Information

MobileBattery Battery Warranty

MobileBattery, Inc warrants that the product MobileBattery purchase from our partners is free of manufacturer defects in material and workmanship for the duration of the warranty that is provided in your invoice, warranty card and or stated via email. Some items have an additional Prorated period. If your battery fails due to a defect during the “Free replacement” period, you are eligible for a free replacement of that battery. If your battery also has a Prorated Period and fails due to a defect during that Prorated period, you may be eligible to purchase a replacement battery at the time you return your original battery, minus a percentage discount calculated by the percentage of months since the original purchase of your battery. Any replacement item you obtain under a performance warranty must be identical or reasonably equivalent to your original purchase.


The retail price in effect on the date you return your original product may not be the same price you paid for your original purchase. Taxes, fees and extra labour for a difficult vehicle to perform the replacement will be extra. Any warranty coverage that remains on your original battery will carry over to your replacement battery when covered under the Free Replacement Period. Any batteries purchased under the Prorated Warranty coverage will receive a new warranty starting from the new date of purchase. 


*DISCLAIMER* How you use your product can and will shorten your Warranty Period. If you use an “automotive” battery in  (a) a vehicle used for commercial purposes, (b) a truck over one tone or (c) a vehicle with a diesel engine (other than a passenger automobile or a pickup truck used for personal purposes), your warranty coverages will be limited. 

This limited warranty does not cover batteries that are merely discharged or that are damaged due to abuse, neglect, misuse, fire, accident, collision, explosion freezing, theft, overcharging, alteration, improper installation, use of special additives, unauthorized attempt to repair, or failure to keep the battery properly maintained. MobileBattery. liability is limited to replacing the battery according to the terms of this limited warranty. will not be liable for any punitive, consequential, or incidental damages, such as cost of repair, towing, electrical system tests, charging a battery, rental vehicles, labour, loss of time, loss of use of vehicle, lost profits, or damage to property other than the battery.

"Warranty service without purchasing the full-service warranty will be 50% of the total price.*

Delivery, call-out, installation and taking out your battery are not included. For manufacturer warranties, please call your battery manufacture. 

The free battery replacement warranty replacement period does not include delivery, call-out, and installation. A call service charge of $ 120 will apply unless stated on your receipt or you have purchased "MobileBattery Premium."

Battery with a prorated period warranty after your three years free replacement period.

Mths 31-48 = 50% | Mths 49-60 = 25% | Mths 61-72 = %5

A percentage discount will be on the base price you pay. Taxes and fees are not included.

Terms of condition apply.

MobileBattery self-service or shop service: Factory warranty only.

$120+ Call-out fee is applied for delivery and installation with a MobileBattery warranty. Hard install/coding are $50 extra.

$120+ Call-out fee for any battery testing and boosting. Your battery testing and boosting can be used for your next MobileBattery appointment as credit.

Questions or Concerns

Please send all questions, comments, and feedback to us at

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