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2016 Honda CRV Battery Replacement

2016 Honda CRV Battery Replacement | MobileBattery

How to Replace Your 2016 Honda CRV Battery: A Step-by-Step Guide

The 2016 Honda CRV, a compact reliable SUV. With versions ranging from the standard LX to the top-tier Touring, an engine size of 2.4 liters and delivers a horsepower of up to 185. It’s designed for those who value efficiency and performance in one package.

Tools You'll Need

Before you get started on your battery replacement, here’s what you need:

  • 10mm size socket

  • Drive ratchet

These tools will ensure a smooth and hassle-free battery change.

Recommended Battery

For the best performance of your 2016 Honda CRV, consider the following battery group sizes:

  • Group 35

  • Group 51R

Selecting the right battery group size ensures optimal compatibility and performance.

How to Replace Your Battery: 2016 Honda CRV Battery Replacement

Replacing the battery in your 2016 Honda CRV is straightforward. Here's how you can do it at home:

  1. Locate the Battery: The battery will be on the right side under the hood.

  2. Safety First: Always disconnect the negative terminal first using your 10mm socket. This prevents any electrical shorts.

  3. Disconnect the Positive Terminal: Next, use the same 10mm socket to disconnect the positive terminal.

  4. Remove the Hold-Down Bracket: With the same tool, remove the bracket that holds the battery in place.

  5. Clean Your Battery Terminals: Before installing the new battery, clean the terminals to ensure a good connection.

  6. Replace the Old Battery: Place the new battery in the bracket.

  7. Reverse Order: Now, do everything in reverse order to reconnect the terminals and secure the battery.

  8. Test Your Alternator: Ensure your alternator is operating between 13.5-14.5 volts, as this can vary by manufacturer.

Why Choose MobileBattery for your 2016 Honda CRV Battery Replacement

Choosing MobileBattery for your vehicle's battery replacement means opting for convenience, reliability, and expert service right at your doorstep. Our team ensures your 2016 Honda CRV is powered up and ready to go with minimal downtime. Don't let battery issues slow you down; let MobileBattery provide the power boost your vehicle needs.

Book Online Today

For hassle-free 2016 Honda CRV battery replacement, book online at Get back on the road quickly and safely with MobileBattery.


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