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  • How does this work?
    We are a mobile company; we'll go wherever your car is located and change your battery.
  • What is on demand service?
    On demand services allows our customers to book a service order in our booking systems and send it to the nearest technician. (Please note that if you've booked after hours, your service order will be processed to the next business day. )
  • Can I use my own battery?
    Yes, we offer battery installation at your home or business. Click here to book online.
  • Do you work on high-end vehicles?
    Yes, we work on all makes and models.
  • Can I get my battery changed today?
    Yes, we offer same day services 7 days a week. Book online to secure your spot.
  • How can I claim my batteries warranty?
    Claiming your MobileBattery warranty is pretty straightforward. Simply show proof of a work order and our technician will be on their way. Learn more here. For manufacturer warranties. Please refer to your batteries manufacturer contact information on their battery or their website. Click here for our mobile coverage area. Our MobileBattery onsite coverage area is an approximation of our actual service area and is subject to change as we continue to add more cities to our service. MobileBattery cannot guarantee service availability. Battery removal and installation are subject to a call out fee on select products.
  • What happens to my radio? Does my electronics have to be reset?
    On older vehicles, when you're replacing your battery or disconnecting your battery, several important electronics such as your radio may lose power. This will reset your radio and you will need to input your radio's code to activate it. If your vehicle did not come with a radio code when you bought it, you can get one from your dealer. Our technicians on-site can also install your code in for you if you have it. To by-pass your electronic from resetting, we recommend adding in a second power source. This step is not necessary for most common vehicles or if your battery is completely dead.
  • My vehicle manufacture says I have to register my battery, do I have to?
    If your vehicle manufactures requires to, we recommend you to. Each of our technicians carries a registration tool. Most modern German vehicle like a BMW will require you to register in your new battery. Failure to do so or skipping this step may cause your battery to fail prematurely.
  • What type of battery do you use?
    We provide regular lead-acid battery, AGM batteries, and deep cycle batteries.

Need further assistance? 

Don't see your question? Call or send us an email at and one of our team members will help you out.

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