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MobileBattery Donations

See what you've helped us accomplish.

Working with local schools.

We work with various charities and schools to give children a more cheerful learning environment. With your school supply donations and partner's efforts, we've made over 100+ students' holiday more cheerful.

Heping build better schools.

We're also involved in making schools look richer by donating more trees, enlightening their design to be more bright, and having an overall school-friendly environment for children. We work mostly with small towns and communities that are lacking in government funding and help them envision their children's education.

Giving back to impacted hard-to-reach communities.

We give back to small towns with a big-hearted community that are hard to reach. Our volunteers hand out donated goods and just overall make their community even sounder.

What are you accepting?


We're mostly looking for elementary reading-level books, school supplies, and computers Our main objective is to make an even playing field for developing countries in a fast-paced world. 

How do I donate?


We're accepting donations through our technicians.

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