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Car Battery Replacement

Car Battery Replacement

Car battery replacement at your home or business. From simple commuter vehicles to high-end supercars, one of our friendly team members will come to you and replace your car's battery.

Simple A to B Cars, to High-End Vehicles. We got you covered.

Whichever your car manufacturer is, we'll have a car battery ready for you. Our technicians are ready to assist you wherever you are. 

  • Acura Battery Replacement

  • Audi Battery Replacement

  • BMW Battery Replacement

  • Chevrolet Battery Replacement

  • Chrysler Battery Replacement

  • Dodge Battery Replacement

  • Fiat Battery Replacement

  • Ford Battery Replacement

  • GMC Battery Replacement

  • Honda Battery Replacement

  • Hyundai Battery Replacement

  • Infiniti Battery Replacement

  • Jaguar Battery Replacement

  • Jeep Battery Replacement

  • Kia Battery Replacement

  • Lexus Battery Replacement

  • Mazda Battery Replacement

  • Mercedes-Benz Battery Replacement

  • Mini Battery Replacement

  • Mitsubishi Battery Replacement

  • Nissan Battery Replacement

  • Porsche Battery Replacement

  • Ram Battery Replacement

  • Smart Battery Replacement

  • Subaru Battery Replacement

  • Toyota Battery Replacement

  • Volkswagen Battery Replacement

  • Volvo Battery Replacement

Don't see your car's maker? Don't worry we work with all automotive brands. Contact us or email us at for any questions about your car's battery replacement.

Get a quote for your battery replacement.

When should I change my car battery?

A typically lead-acid battery should last 3-5 years, while an AGM (absorbent-glass-mat) battery may last close to 5-8 years. These vary in your driving style and how well you maintain your vehicle.

Usually, you would replace your car battery when your car's engine is not getting enough power to turn over. This means your car battery's CCA (cold-cranking-amps) is not meeting your engine's recommended CCA to start up. For example, your vehicle may take a little while to start in winter than in summer. This is because car batteries produce less electrical current when it's cold. And when your battery's cold-cranking amp is not hitting your engine's recommended CCA, you may have to boost your car in order to start your car.

What type of battery should I use?

We believe in using your vehicle's manufacturer-recommended battery for your car. Most common commuter cars like Hondas may require a regular lead-acid battery, while modern german car brands like BMWs will require you to use a large OEM-spec AGM battery. 

Most German cars require a larger battery like a group H8 AGM battery, so all their electronics are fully functional. At MobileBattery, we only use OEM-spec batteries for most modern german vehicles. This way, your power-hungry luxury vehicle is always getting the power it needs.

How do I change my battery?

An everyday Japanese car will only require your typical 10MM and ratchet with extensions. In comparison, a german car may require you to remove a seat and a programmer tool to register your new battery.

  • First, we recommend testing your car battery before replacing it. Sometimes it may be your starter or a loose cable that can cause your vehicle not to start.

  • Wear safety glasses and gloves while working on your car's battery replacement.

  • Locate your vehicle's battery. Car batteries are sometimes located by the engine bay, trunk, and under a seat.

  • Get a secondary power source so your presets are saved. Otherwise, you may have to reset your radio, sunroof, windows, and more. If your battery is completely dead, this step may not be needed.

  • Remove always first the negative cable followed by the positive cable. Then the battery's tie-down bracket or holder and remove your old battery. (*We recommend covering your battery's terminal post with your new battery caps while removing it.)

  • When your old battery is removed, install your new battery. Check and clean your cables top-post with a wire brush and spray your new battery's post with a corrosion protector. 

  • Now do everything in reverse order—positive first, then negative, and your tie-down brackets. Refer to your vehicle's manual for torque spec.

  • Some german cars like BMW will require you to register your newly installed battery. This is so your car's control module can properly charge your battery. Not doing this step can cause your battery to fail prematurely.

  • Start your car and test your alternator. Some modern vehicles have a built-in gauge for your battery's voltage. It should be at 13.5-14.5+ volts (see your manufacturer's OEM spec). If it is at 12.8 or lower volts, then that may mean your alternator is not charging your battery,

Why choose MobileBattery?

1. On-time services - We also do same-day services!

2. On-site warranty - We make sure you're trouble-free within your warranty.

3. Trusted battery brands - We only use high-performance batteries. 

4. Full-service car battery replacement - Our certified technicians will do all the work for you.


We only use high-performance batteries backed with a full on-site warranty. We're bringing the entire auto shop experience right to you.

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