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MobileBattery Warranty Claim

Simplified car battery warranty services.


When making a warranty claim, ensure you have definitive proof that the issue is the battery. Our technicians onsite will complete a full battery diagnosis and replace the same spec battery if defective. Installations and delivery are not included unless stated on your receipt. 

We will charge a service fee due to the vehicle being out of gas, cranks but not starting, battery undercharge (not running the vehicle regularly), parasitic drain on the car, neglect, frozen battery, etc...


​Unauthorized repair may void your warranty. You can read more about our warranty info here.


A battery test resulting in a "bad cell" or "replace" is accepted as definitive proof. Batteries that are merely undercharged are not covered under warranty.

Here are some examples of why your battery may not be the issue.

- Interior and exterior lights are fully functional. Test your headlights and lighting to see if they're getting power.

- Nothing happens when pressing the start button. If you have lights/power, it may not be your battery but your starter.

- Your vehicle does not recognize the car key. Check and advise on your essential fob battery.

- Vehicle starts but dies. This may likely be a faulty sensor to protect your engine from causing more damage.

- The red battery light is on, but the car starts fine. A red battery light sometimes means your charging system is not working correctly.

- "Charge Battery Light On" Most modern vehicles will illuminate a warning when your battery is undercharged. Either from the cold weather or the vehicle hasn't been driven for a while.

Simplified warranty claim system.

Have proof of service or workmanship for our technician onsite to replace your battery under warranty. This includes your original receipt, signed invoices/business cards, MB scannable batteries, and proof of service.

For our technicians to pull your profile, please have two of the following:

- Square receipt number.

- Original receipt.

- Original service address and date of service.

- Original purchaser's payment method, such as credit card.

- Email address attached to your square receipt.

Please email us at if you're missing your original receipt or have further questions.

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Book Your MobileBattery Warranty Claim.

How to read your receipt.

Please have your receipt # ready or any proof of service for our technicians when they arrive onsite. Any vehicles without proof of workmanship or receipt may void your warranty service. This may also flag your vehicle from our MobileBattery partners and technicians.

Battery model, warranty type, and car info.

Our techncians can also pull your profile if you have your orginal payment card onsite.


MobileBattery location/technician provided for your servuice

Orginal purcahse order address.

Square Receipt #: Fastest way for our team to pull your profile onsite.

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