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MobileBattery Warranty Coverage

MobileBattery Onsite Warranty Coverage

MobileBattery offers a full mobile battery replacement warranty. No need to come to us. We'll send our technicians to you. We ensure manufacturer defect-free automotive batteries when you choose us as your car battery experts.


Went shopping and experiencing battery problems? No worries, with over 50 Canadian cities being serviced, our technicians will be there when you need us. 

Our MobileBattery onsite coverage area is an approximation of our actual service area and is subject to change as we continue to add more cities to our service. MobileBattery cannot guarantee service availability. Battery removal and installation are subject to a call out fee on select products.

Please visit our warranty page for more information.

Think You're Experiencing Battery Issues?

If you're having any battery issues, simply contact us, and we'll send our technicians over. We will do a full battery checkup and free battery replacement if your battery has any manufacturer defects.

Be sure it's a battery issue as we prioritize your appointment before anyone else. Any non-related battery issue like a bad alternator, bad starter, or failed fuel pump may be subject to a call-out fee.

Out of our coverage zone?

Out of our onsite service areas? No worries, you're fully covered with our MobileBattery Premium service. We ensure hassle-free battery services even if you're out of our service area. Most of the batteries we install have locations both in Canada and U.S. No matter where your next road trip may take you; we'll have you covered.

Learn how to schedule your Warranty Claim.

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