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2016 Toyota Tacoma Battery Replacement

2016 Toyota Tacoma Battery Replacement

How to Replace Your 2016 Toyota Tacoma Battery

The 2016 Toyota Tacoma stands out in the world of mid-sized trucks, a range of versions that cater to various needs and preferences. Whether it's the TRD Off-Road for the adventurers or the more urban-friendly SR5, there's a Tacoma for every driveway. With horsepower ratings that can climb north of 278 hp and engine sizes up to 3.5L V6.

Tools You'll Need

Before you dive into replacing your Tacoma's battery, let's make sure you have all the tools needed for a smooth operation. Here's what you need:

  • 10mm size socket

  • Drive ratchet

The Right Battery

Recommended Battery Group Size For A 2016 Toyota Tacoma.

  • Group 24F

This ensures your truck has the power it needs to start reliably and run all your electronics without a hitch.

How to Replace Your 2016 Toyota Tacoma Battery

Replacing the battery in your Tacoma is straightforward if you follow these steps carefully:

  1. Location: Find the battery on the right side of the engine compartment.

  2. Disconnect the Negative Terminal: Always start with the negative (black) terminal. Use your 10mm socket and drive ratchet to loosen and disconnect it.

  3. Disconnect the Positive Terminal: Next, move to the positive (red) terminal, using the same 10mm socket.

  4. Remove the Hold-Down Bracket: There's a bracket holding your battery in place, also requiring the 10mm socket to remove.

  5. Clean Your Battery Terminals: Before putting in the new battery, give the terminals a quick clean to ensure a good connection.

  6. Replace the Old Battery: Carefully lift out the old battery and replace it with the new one, ensuring it sits snugly in the battery tray.

  7. Reverse Order: Reattach the hold-down bracket, connect the positive terminal, and finally, the negative terminal.

  8. First Start: Your Tacoma may die on the first start; this is normal. Just give it another go, and you should be all set.

  9. Test Your Alternator: With the new battery installed, it's a good idea to check your alternator's output. It should be between 13.5-14.5 volts.

Why Choose MobileBattery for your 2016 Toyota Tacoma Battery Replacement

At MobileBattery, we understand the value of convenience and reliability. Our mobile service comes to you, whether at home or work, saving you time and hassle. We provide high-quality batteries that meet or exceed your Tacoma's needs, ensuring your truck is always ready for the road ahead.

Choose MobileBattery, and experience the ease of professional battery replacement at your doorstep.

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