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2015 Honda Civic Battery Replacement

How to replace your 2015 Honda Civic Battery.

This also applies to 2012-2015 Honda Civics.

Project Time: 30Min

Budget: $150CAD


  1. Socket size 10MM

  2. Safety gloves and safety goggles

  3. Battery brush/wire brush

  4. Battery cleaner and battery protector

Parts Recommended:

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First. Know whether you need to change your Honda Civic's battery. No car battery last forever, and the sooner you change it before it dies, the better chances you won't get stranded.

So here are five indicators you need to know if your battery needs replacing:

  1. How old is your battery (the average life of a battery is between 3 to 5 years)

  2. Look for any blue residue around the terminal (Cleaning your terminals could revolve the issue)

  3. When you try to start your vehicle, it struggles to start.

  4. Give it a jump start and drive it for 30 min to see if it charges (Maybe you just forgot to turn off the lights all night, and it got discharged)

Now, let's start replacing your Honda Civic's battery

Open the hood, and look for the battery. 2015 Honda Civic models batteries should be by the front of the hood on the driver's side.

Look for the negative terminal and disconnect it with your 10MM and ratchet. Proceed and disconnect the positive terminal (Always disconnect the negative cable before the positive cable so that no short circuits occur.)

Remove the hold-down bracket that holds the battery with your 10MM.

Remove your old battery, and clean the battery terminals with a battery spray cleaner and battery wire brush. This is also a good time to wipe down and clean your battery casing.

Place the new battery, and do everything again in reverse.

Place the hold-down bracket back .Connect the positive terminal first, then connect the negative last, Start your vehicle.

We recommend always doing an alternator test when you've replaced your Honda Civic's battery. A good alternator will have a voltage of See your owner's manual for your specific voltage spec.

Close your hood and enjoy your ride. You're all good to go.

For any assistance and to book your Honda Civic's battery replacement.

Give us a call at 1-866-709-2116 or contact us online and one of our technicians can be on their way.

*Disclaimer: We recommend certified technicians and auto shops for any battery replacement as batteries can be hazardous and dangerous.


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