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Car Battery Replacement
New Westminster

Sit back and relax where you are.
Now need to tow your car or go to an auto store.

Our MobileBattery New Westminster team will do all the work!
Get a quote for your mobile battery replacement.

Car Battery Replacement New Westminster

MobileBattery offers car battery services at your home or business. We're bringing the entire auto shop experience right to you! No need to tow your vehicle or go anywhere. Let our team handle all the work for you. Car battery replacement made simple.



Call or Book Online

Call or Book Online for a free no-obligation quote for your full-service battery replacement.



Your Vehicle's Info

Give us your vehicle's year, make and model to get the right battery for your vehicle.



We Go to You.

Our technician will change your car battery at your location. We do all the work.


Full-Service Car Battery Replacement in New Westminster.

Experience a hassle-free battery replacement at your home or business in New Westminster. Our service is fully mobile, our certified MobileBattery technicians will come to you. Wherever you are in New Westminster. We work on all vehicle makes and model. Each battery installed is fully charged and ready to use, backed with a on-site mobile warranty. Car battery replacement in New Westminster made simple.


What happens to my old battery?
We recycle your old battery for you. We only work with environmentally friendly car battery recycling companies in New Westminster and surrounding areas.

How much for my battery replacement?
Your battery replacement and installation cost will depend on what battery your car may use. A vehicle like a Honda may require a typical lead-acid battery, while high-end vehicles like a BMW need you to install a large-size battery such as an H7 AGM battery. Call us or book online for a free quote in New Westminster today.

Do you offer a warranty on your batteries?

All of our batteries come with a full warranty. In a rare case your battery has any manufacturer defects, you will get a free battery from us. One of our technicians will replace your battery for you anywhere in New Westminster or anywhere in our services areas. Contact us for any questions.

How do you replace my battery?

All of our technicians are fully trained and certified for your car battery replacement in New Westminster. We reference your vehicle's manufacturer's recommended procedure to replace and install your new battery. This way, we are going by OEM-spec on replacing your car's battery.

Why choose MobileBattery?

Our mission is for customer satisfaction and convenience. If you have any issues with our service, give us a call, and one of our team managers in New Westminster will go to you to make things right. 

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